Undoing most of the damage wrought by feminism in one simple step


For the past two years, I have been unpacking the racist, classist, misogynist bullshit that is feminism, and exploring the ways that sexism harms men and boys – and always in the back of my mind is the whisper what do we do about this? … [Read more...]

Officer JudgyBitch hunts down a potentially dangerous woman


  [Updated to add: have received the picture taken 2013. Thank you.]   Sage Gerard aka Victor Zen is a man I consider both a personal friend and a colleague. He is the Director for Collegiate Activism at A Voice for Men and he initiated a men’s group and a men’s … [Read more...]

Hoax or not, the Boston Serial Rapist has some important lessons to impart


The Facebook page is down, but the story is this:  Boston College runs a “confessions” page wherin people can “confess” to their various transgressions and sins and get some feedback.  A few days ago, confession number 7122 (jeez, those Boston kids must be up to a whack of no … [Read more...]

Holy smarty pants, people! Women have earned 10 MILLION more college degrees than men since 1982! Oh yeah? In what?


According to The Department of Education, women are now earning the majority of college degrees in the US, with approximately 140 women graduating from college for every 100 men.  I can’t provide a link for you because: Dear Users, Due to a lapse of appropriations and the … [Read more...]

So what ARE the best jobs for women, then?

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It’s kind of funny to see how confused the crew over at Jezebel is in response to this very strange article by Erin Gloria Ryan.  Erin argues that women should NOT go to business school because it will delay their reproductive plans, will offer no real economic value and besides, … [Read more...]