7 Ways Being a Gamer Makes My Children Better People via @ThoughtCatalog

23 Oct

New piece at Thought Catalog about how gaming is good for kids and good for us all.


They get knocked down. A lot. And they get up again and play another day and every day they get a little better. It’s interesting to watch them act protectively to obviously new players who need a little time to bring their skills up to the level the game demands. Losing teaches compassion.



Twitter user @borderlinefemme claims credit for two months of reporting me as abusive. Facts are abuse in feminist world.

9 Oct

2 months


You can read the whole thread here

Interesting that the tweet claims my account was engaging in abusive behavior – posting facts and evidence to counter common feminist lies is now abuse according to Twitter?

I have emailed Twitter to request a review, but that might take a few days.

We shall see what comes of this.

In the meantime, I am collecting some of my favorite blog posts into an ebook. No rest for the wicked…..

Lots of love,



They’re scared of me? Of what I have to say? They should be. I’m here to change the world. Welcome to equality, bitches.

8 Oct

So the butthurt denizens of Twitter have orchestrated another attack on me, which will fail as spectacularly as their first one.

Good luck, bitches.

All you do is make me stronger.

Lots of love,



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