About us Bitches

Judgy Bitch has an undergraduate degree in Film Theory (useful!), a Master’s degree in Business Administration and she has recently been admitted to a PhD program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, but she is not sure she wants to go just yet. She is a full time mother to her three children, PinkyPinkyPie, LittleDude and MissBossyPants and a full time wife to Mr. JudgyBitch. Her children have never seen the inside of a daycare center and her husband has never made his own sandwich, and that makes her very happy. She lives in a small town, has one car, doesn’t own a big screen TV and has never been to an all inclusive resort on vacation. She doesn’t buy scented candles, throw cushions or frozen pizza.

Oh, she also doesn’t give a fuck what you think about her.

Princess Pixie Pointless makes the wrenches, tags the posts, and inspires JB with subjects that may pique the public’s interest.

Princess Pixie Pointless loves art and burgers.  She has opinions but generally keeps them to herself.corpseme2