Yale confirms it: When it comes to rape, “No” really does mean “Yes”!


This absolutely made my day.  Completely hilarious. A bunch of obviously confused women’s studies majors, where they basically train in contradiction, irrationality and hypocrisy, decided to explain to their kindergarten adult students exactly what consensual sex looks like … [Read more...]

Peter Lloyd wants to end publicly identifying men accused of sexual assault. I disagree. Let’s name the women, too. Wouldn’t you like to Google your date and she what she has been up to?


Here we go again. Just days after Michael LeVell was acquitted of raping a young girl, who claimed the actor had abused her when she was only six years old, we have an entire trial collapsing in the face of new evidence against the nine accused … [Read more...]

Helena Andrews explains why men should always pay for dinner. You’re gonna love it! Trust me.


A regular reader sent me an email asking me to address the curious case of “who pays for dinner”, specifically requesting strategies to avoid always being on the hook for the bill.  We’ll get to that, but first, let’s take a look at some of the justifications women trot out to … [Read more...]

Some women are totally clueless about their own bodies. Obviously, that makes men terrorists. New heights in utter idiocy.


Let’s start with this. I’m…… I can’t…… WHAT?!? Is that a typo?  She meant IGNORANCE, right?  She just has one fucked up autocorrect.  IGNORANCE is having sex your whole adult life, giving birth to six children and never having an orgasm. This is terrorism: It beggars … [Read more...]

Is Dear Prudence going through menopause? What a fucking cunt!

break up

I have a weakness for Emily Yoffe who writes as Dear Prudence over at Slate, and I usually find something to disagree with in her “advice”, but she really takes the cake in today’s column!  Seems like Prudie has been hitting the haterade a little hard these … [Read more...]