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Janet Bloomfield is Social Media Director for AVfM. She has an undergraduate degree in Film Theory, a Master’s degree in Business Administration and is pursuing a PhD in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She is a full time mother to her three children and a full time wife to Mr. JudgyBitch. Her children have never seen the inside of a daycare center and her husband has never made his own sandwich. That makes her very happy.

New podcasts on YouTube

Updated to add: The last podcast had no sound. Why? Beats me. I will record it again and get it up tomorrow.  Every Saturday, I'll add new podcasts to Dammit, Janet!: The JudgyBitch Podcasts. The Top Ten Series is now complete and the next series will be on the topic of … [Read more...]

Yes, I got a “Wife Bonus”. No, my husband is not my employer.


Barry Schwartz wrote a book called “The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less”, in which he theorizes that having too many choices causes most people undue anxiety, because they end up always second guessing their choices, wondering if they made the right one. I really enjoyed the … [Read more...]

Fury Road and the post-apocalyptic landscape of a destroyed society? Black America already lives there.

The following is reprinted with permission from A Voice for Men, written by Urban Affairs Editor, Mumia Ali.  I think he makes a great point. "I'm just here for the gasoline." -Mad Max It's been observed that the movies that generate the most buzz are usually the ones that … [Read more...]

Feminists are wrong about Sansa Stark


Spoilers ahead! I’m a huge fan of Game of Thrones, both the books and the HBO series, and the feminist caterwauling over the sexual violence (against women naturally) pleases me, because I presume they will stop watching now and leave this fantastic show to fans who aren’t … [Read more...]

How much does the media hate people who don’t want to see feminist films? Mad Max and feminist fury.

mad max

The hashtag #MediaGate is gleefully tracking the sheer number of media outlets who got sucked into the “men’s rights activists are boycotting Mad Max” hoax, which originated in a post at Return of Kings by economist Aaron Clarey. If you click on the “about” tag of Return of … [Read more...]