Is David Futrelle covering for violent feminists?

18 Jun

David Futrelle has made a name for himself in the blogosphere by tracking down what he defines as misogyny for the purposes of mocking it.  Futrelle insists that the “manosphere” is rife with hatred of women and he is relentless in exposing that hate.  How well does he deal with the hatred within his own movement?  Let’s take a look.


Back in 2011 an intrepid explorer by the name of Agent Orange infiltrated the private forums of radical feminists at RadFemHub and he screen-capped their conversations.  RadFemHub has since been turned into an archives, but the original Hub was “a collective radical feminist blog and its purpose was to post fresh, original radfem content, provide a male-free and safe platform for women to discuss, and promote radical feminist perspectives and interests.” The Hub delightedly proclaimed half a million page views, so these were not one or two crazy cat ladies in the basement, but actually a rather large group of like-minded women.


When Agent Orange posted the files, Futrelle went about gleefully mocking them, as he promised he would do.  He writesthese files are apparently so vile and incendiary” and wonders “what dastardly secrets do these files expose?” and he proceeds to mock the supposed violence and hate by reproducing a few comments about a midwife and a woman who would like to castrate men who create computer viruses. Nothing particularly violent or hateful about castration, right?  Futrelle downplays the comment by writing “That does seem a little excessive. Though I don’t think she means it literally”.


Let’s think about that for a moment.  This is a man who harps relentlessly on a single comment Dr. Warren Farrell made, that was misquoted, back in the 1970’s insisting that Farrell meant something he did not mean.  This is the man who insists that every word of satire written by Paul Elam is to be taken as the gospel truth.  This is the man who insists every word ever written on any blog he doesn’t like is to be interpreted literally and all other interpretations are just pure misogyny. And just to reiterate, once again, the Bash A Violent Bitch article was a satirical response to an article at Jezebel called Have You Ever Hit Your Boyfriend, Cause…Uh, We Have, in which three editors and numerous commenters giggle over punching, kicking, hitting and slapping their male partners, often with a sense  of pride and cheerfulness that is alarming to say the least.




Castration?  I’m sure she didn’t mean it literally. #SeemsLegit.


Futrelle complains that the files have no context and are “just a bunch of files with no explanation”, and he ends his piece by writing “MRAs, more melodramatic than emo kids”. That’s a harsh charge!  More melodramatic than emo kids?!  What is all the melodrama over anyways?


Bullets are too good for this wankering lot….




I’m one of those bad, shameful feminists who wish we could just kill all the fuckers…




It needs to be so unfashionable to have boys and then they would be aborted before seeing the light of day….




…a better source of animal glue (and leather, for that matter) would be from the bodies of men who have committed any crime against a woman.  They should be put to death, skinned, and then their carcasses can be boiled for glue….




…any woman with access to modern things like ultrasound could find out the sex, and if danglified, could have …. abortion…


Blow them up


….we could blow them [men] up and call it a service to the community…

Put to sleep


…they [men] should be put on a leash, put in a cage, or put to sleep…




You’re more radical than I ATM [sic], though who knows where I will be in a year – but your proposal to exterminate the male entirely….is more of a last resort….




…the majority [of men] are rapists at heart …shoot em’ ….




…I wish we could kill men …. I often daydream about men disappearing from the face of the earth….


Gosh, why all the melodrama, guys?  Killed, flayed, boiled, caged, exterminated, bombed – it’s just a joke guys!  I’ll bet you’re laughing, right?  Oh but don’t worry, the women who made those comments were roundly condemned by the other commenters!


Oops.  Not so much.  The comments were indeed taken out of context, but guess what?  The context makes them worse not better.  Putting them back into a conversation that sufficient numbers are participating in to generate half a million page views builds the case that feminism is a troubling movement fomenting hate and daydreaming of real violence.  Are we going to wait until the day that violence happens, or are we going to start labelling feminism for what it really is:  a hate movement?


You can read the entire “context” right here.  Have a vomit bag on hand.


David Futrelle, who insists that a satirical article called “If You See Jezebel in the Road, Run the Bitch Down” is to be taken literally and held up as irrefutable evidence that the MHRM is dangerous and violent is rather curiously silent about radical feminists discussing the murder of men. Futrelle’s blog was used as a source by various media to create the false impression that the MHRM was directly responsible for the deaths of four men and two women in the Elliot Rodger shooting.


This is the same Futrelle who failed to notice the rampant hatred of men and threats of violence in files he admits to downloading and reading  Or is he choosing to deliberately ignore and therefore implicitly endorse that violence?  I wonder which it is?  Is Futrelle the worst researcher in the world, or is he covering for the violence and hatred expressed by his own?


One of the key actors at RadFemHub was a woman named Pamela O’Shaughnessy, who also operates a blog called A Voice For Creepy Men.  A few days ago, Pamela reprinted an article from Futrelle’s site, but when the heat was turned up on Futrelle on Twitter, the post curiously disappeared.  We have a screencap of the post, though.  It’s the internet, folks, and nothing really disappears.



Hmmm.  I wonder why that post came down?  Could it be that Futrelle obsessively googles himself and discovered a post reproduced without permission and demanded the author remove it?  It’s possible.  Sure.  Why not?  Or is it the case that Pamela of RadFemHub and David are still in close communication and he is not only aware of the extreme violence and hateful rhetoric of feminism, but he secretly agrees.  It would explain at lot, but hey, it’s just a guess.


At the end of the day, Futrelle has never, ever once condemned the awfulness of the Agent Orange files, which he downloaded, and which have been sent out on Twitter feeds that he follows and reads. It is virtually impossible that Futrelle has never seen the files (he admits he read them!), but even if he really has never laid eyes on the most hate-filled comments, there is still no plausible explanation for why he would not investigate such a serious accusation against a movement he strongly endorses and supports.


Feminism is a hate movement.  When they think they are alone and no one is watching they plan the mass extermination of men.  They daydream of murdering men.  They want to maim men.  Shoot men.  Strip their skins off and boil them for glue.  Please tell me what words like that are, if not hate.


Not all feminists?  Half a million page views.  Is that enough for you to sit back and think it through?  Feminism is a hate movement.  Full stop.  I look at the face of my little son and imagine one of these witches being his teacher, his doctor, his friend’s mother, a random woman on the street and I fear for him.



The International Conference on Men’s Issues in Detroit is history in the making.  It’s the first salvo in what is shaping up to be a long war.  One that we are going to win.


Hey David?  You better pick sides, dude.  And you might want to look in a mirror.  You’re a man.  Are you sure you’ll enjoy being put on a leash, put in a cage or put to sleep?  One of your friends said that.


And you said nothing.


Lots of love,








41 Responses to “Is David Futrelle covering for violent feminists?”

  1. M June 18, 2014 at 16:28 #

    JB, thanks for all the energy you put into this! <3

    • Andrew June 18, 2014 at 16:32 #

      Terrifying. As always, I learned a lot reading the post. JB, you’re amazing.

      • Fred Flange moons goodnight June 18, 2014 at 16:57 #

        Well then there is also that “Witchwind” site saying “all PIV sex is rape” – but I have a funny hunch about that one.

        That the “authoress” is really a 4chan troll, some fat guy in a basement in Singapore. Like the /b/ guy who started the fake hashtag “BanFathersDay” that got AVfM’s goat until the hoax was revealed. Sure the Witchwind site could be real too. But looking at all of it entry after entry made me wonder a bit.

        • James Huff June 18, 2014 at 20:11 #

          Yeah…that made me wonder as well, which is why the Agent Orange Files contain the Doxx on many of the members of that forum.

    • Buck Thornton June 20, 2014 at 16:44 #

      Jezebel – Who is She ?

      Do you know that when you type mangina into this blog, it is red underlined as a spelling error ?
      First – a warning. Paul Elam has said of the conference – watch out for strange women. Yes, watch out for strange women.
      But your real threat comes from “strange” men. Be careful who you are talking to. They may be Jezebel’s messengers.

      If you want to understand feminism, and the spirit behind Feminism, you really need to do some research on who Jezebel really is. did not pick that name willy nilly.
      Jezebel was married to King Ahab. She was not a Hebrew but married the King, and married into the position of power. King Ahab was a weak willed King, and Jezebel was a dominating force.
      It is important to note that Jezebel’s was powerful, but her true power came from being married to the King. Ahab was a weak willed King, so ALLOWED Jezebel to really be the reigning power of the Kingdom.
      The King being the state. Jezebel’s power, or feminism’s power, will always come from the state, mostly run by the power of men. Jezebel will always hide behind it.
      Jezebel does not really want the Kingdom. Jezebel really has no strength of her own. Her strength is the strength of men. Jezebel needs men to do the work – she will always hide in the background, us the power of it, and then point a finger at the men she has influence over. OR, the patriarchy. She is a user of power – she is not a creator of it, and never will she be.

      Hence – biblical mangina. It is not known just how many Mangina’s Jezebel had influence over, but there is a biblical account where they meet at Mt. Carmel, where there were 850 that ate at Jezebel’s table. These were not the Kings’s men – these were Jezebel’s men, but coming to meet as representatives of the King.
      All 850 were slaughtered at Mt. Carmel. The King, who was in attendance at the slaughter, ( not Jezebel) came back and instead of admitting defeat, told his wife Jezebel all that had happened.
      Jezebel sent a messenger ( another man who will do the will of Jezebel) to tell the man responsible for slaughtering her lackies (er, the Kings lackies) , may it be done to you by tomorrow what you did to my men.
      She had no power other than the power of the Kingdom, that the King allowed her to rule. She rode on the back of the power of the Kingdom. She really had no power of her own, other than the power she had over men.
      Jezebel will rule where there are weak willed men. If you challenge her, she will send other men to kill you, and threaten to kill you, because you oppose her. Her will is to will to rule over men, but she needs the power of men to do her work.
      Jezebel does not want to rule in her name. Jezebel’s power does not come from ruling in her name. Her power comes from ruling OVER MEN.

      Is Feminism violent? King Ahab wanted a vineyard so he went to the owner of the vineyard, and told him he wanted his vineyard. IT is close to the Kings palace. The King offered the owner other lands as fair recompense for the vineyard. The owner refused, not out of disrespect, but he had inherited the land and the rules and laws of the land was that it was not to be sold. The reality was, the King, who represented the land, should have known this and was in fact, being the authority of the land, violating the rules of the Kingdom of which he was ruler for his own purposes.
      So the King came back and pouted. Jezebel saw him pouting, and it was Jezebel who told Ahab, GET UP- I will get you the Kingdom.
      So Jezebel had the owner of the vineyard killed. BUT; she falsified where the power of the order to kill the vineyard owner by USING the power of the King. In other words, she did not have the authority but used to power of her weak husband to do her work by force.
      And men carried out her orders. Sound familiar ? Does this not sound like feminism.
      Jezebel does not have real authority. She must use the power of the Kingdom and the state. She gives false witness. She rides the back of the power of the Kingdom. She has access to wealth. She is a murderer and wants those opposed to her dead. She will stop at nothing to get her way and uses men to get it. Weak men have given their authority to her – she has not stolen it – men have given it to her and if men are willing to give it to her – she will do with it what they will not.
      Where do you find such a story. The bible.
      What’s the bible got to do with it. Because God is the creator, and He has authority over all things.
      Feminism is more than an ideology but is a religion opposed to God of the bible.
      Feminism wants to write the narrative, and if it doesn’t suit her will re-write the narrative with murder and deception. She will use lies and deception to re-write it.
      God has written the narrative. IT is the bible. Jezebel can not re-write it.
      IT is already written. Yet she still tries.
      While we see the fruit of feminism, one needs to look at the spiritual side as well and if one were to read further into what feminism stands for, you will find the roots of it in Mother Earth, the female Goddess, the Goddess Mother with the Earth as HER creator, and the use of the occult. A lot of feminism’s power and authority is the practice of witchcraft. Not warlock. Witch – craft.
      God is the creator of the earth that created man and woman to rule over it. God is the one that told Eve she shall give birth to children.
      She did not get that from the earth.
      Feminism wants to re-write the narrative of who the creator is, and all the spirituality behind the power of feminism stands opposed to God.
      The use of the name is a direct statement to the opposition of God. It is more than just the use of a name of a web site. IT is the spirit behind it.

      Heed this: Jezebel will use violence to take the vineyard. You can not stand opposed to her or she will send messengers to kill you.
      She will use men and ride on the back of the authority and power of men and the Kingdom to do it, will hide in the background and when men come to do her will, by force, men will be blamed for the one’s doing the violence and the force. But the order to do it is hers.
      And for secular sake ,those men that come to do her will are called MANGINA’s.
      This idiot- David Futrelle, is one of those mangina’s. Come to do Jezebel’s bidding, to find favour in her eyes so he can eat at her table.
      But the table is not hers.
      It’s the Kings.

      Watch out at the conference, for whom Jezebel sends. Her power comes from using men.

      • apollyon911 June 22, 2014 at 20:04 #

        Don’t forget to add how Jezebel met her end: thrown out a window by 2 eunuchs (Jehu, the Alpha male asked them ‘who is on my side’. The eunuchs chose wisely). Jezebel’s body was devoured by dogs.

        • Buck Thornton June 22, 2014 at 22:46 #

          I have seen so many men writing that we allowed feminism and You’ve done your homework apollyon911

          Yes, Jehu gave the command – throw her down.
          There is a new command this very day – throw Jezebel down, and Jezebel is the infecting spirit of feminism.

          The spirit of Jezebel lives to this day. Jesus says in Rev 2:20 – “this I have against you that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, and she teaches and leads My bond servants astray….
          And he gave her time to repent, and she does not want to repent of her immorality..

          I worked in the Academic Office of a University and had to prepare documents for professor sabbaticals and reading their research. I can tell you 1st hand that Feminism is so rampant in Academia it has infiltrated and infected everything. Feminism is much much more than ideology. First and foremost feminism stands in the face of God, but not everyone believes or can understand that. But I can tell you the thinking behind feminism is spiritual, it is the spirit of Jezebel, and most authours of feminist doctrine and research write of the Earth Goddess, or Spirit Goddess, and Witchcraft or Feminist Witchcraft plays a big part.
          That is messing with spirituality, and feminism is built on that.
          God is God and He is father, and creator. He is the giver of life. God will not let stand or tolerate something that is so against Himself, and why the order through Jehu to throw her down, and why the order to throw feminism down today.
          Jezebel stands for death, worshipping Baal and the Asherah Pole, and no surprise why feminism stands for death of life in the regards of abortion.
          Jezebel’s 850 prophets were slain by Elijah, and their fate is written today as well.

        • Buck Thornton June 22, 2014 at 23:17 #

          I didn’t think you looked right. Had to look you up. Apollyon’s master is the grand master of Feminism.
          Who’s side are you on ?
          Don’t forget, Alollyon’s fate is written as well, to be thrown down.

          • apollyon911 June 23, 2014 at 20:58 #

            Ah, but everything must be understood in context. Apollyon is the Destroyer. Who unleashes him and why?

            The first feminist was Eve. We know where that led us.

            • Buck Thornton June 24, 2014 at 00:24 #


              Not context: everything must be understood in spirit and truth.
              I think I understand what you are getting at, and you have good intentions, but don’t serve the wrong master.

              You can’t serve 2 masters. It is not context….Apollyon is the destroyer but satan has many destroyers. Apollyon does satan’s will. Not God’s. God has a destroyer that went through Egypt when the 1st born were destroyed. Doing God’s will.

              You forget, in Genesis, enmity is to be between the woman and satan. Instead, there is enmity between the woman and man.
              Satan hates woman. Who satan really hates is Eve, and feminism is to bring down woman, not man. Do not confuse what Eve did, what feminism stands for, and tie them together with apollyon. God loves his creation and woman is His creation. Eve is God’s creation and God loves Eve. That is why Paul says, Husbands, love your wives etc etc. What He hates is the deception.

              Go to the web site of Grace Baptist Cedarville Ohio. Then to media. He spoke a few weeks ago on Revelation 17/18.
              Listen to the whole message, but specifically at the 33:30 – 35:00 min mark. She rides the beast, but he hates her.

      • Kristophr June 22, 2014 at 20:43 #


        That is your own browser’s spelling dictionary doing that. Right click on the word, and choose “add to dictionary”

        • Buck Thornton June 22, 2014 at 22:49 #

          thanks for the info.

  2. cheesetrader June 18, 2014 at 17:14 #

    I keep thinking his whole gig is about getting himself laid and that he’s totally scamming girls by pretending to be Nice And Caring

  3. feeriker June 18, 2014 at 18:55 #

    Hey David?  You better pick sides, dude.  And you might want to look in a mirror.  You’re a man. 

    JB, the last sentence in the quote is the only point of contention I have with this otherwise spot-on piece. Hard as I try, I just can’t see any evidence for your assertion here. Can you help me out with this?

  4. LostSailor June 18, 2014 at 19:25 #

    Are you sure you’ll enjoy being put on a leash, put in a cage or put to sleep?

    Actually I think Mr. Manboobz would like the first two very much. He probably pays for that pleasure today.

    Manboobies is just trying to curry favor with his feminist overlords. A losing strategy most times, but he seems too dim to realize that.

    But the radical feminist Witchwind is indeed real. I’ve seen her comments for years on RadFem blogs. And she’s not the only one or even the originator of the “all PIV sex is rape” concept. That originally came from Dworkin, but has been endorsed by many others over the years. See the archives of the now-defunct blog Femonade which also goes into the all coitus is rape (and why do they have to make up new terminology when there’s a perfectly serviceable word available?).

    Nor is the genocidal nature of feminism a new thing. Valerie Solanas’s S.C.U.M. Manifesto was written and published in 1967 at the start of 2nd Wave feminism. And while most feminists today will try to dismiss it as either satire or the ramblings of the mentally ill, it is still being taught, along with other RadFem texts in women’s and gender studies curricula.

    “Mainstream” feminists will deny all this, but the midandry and hatred of men still bubbles just beneath the surface, as the Jezebel post clearly shows. It’s the dark, secret underbelly of feminism. The one that Manboobies refuses to acknowledge, perhaps in the secret hope that they’ll come for him last.

    He is a coward.

    • alcockell June 20, 2014 at 21:37 #

      Consider that Mein Kampf was derided as “the rantings of a madman” in 1926. By 1939, Dachau was gearing up…

  5. caprizchka June 18, 2014 at 20:24 #

    The “right here” link is identical to the previous.

    • judgybitch June 18, 2014 at 20:33 #

      Yes. It was meant to be in case the first link was missed

  6. Emma the Emo June 18, 2014 at 23:19 #

    I wonder what it means to be a hate movement, really?

    Is it about having high percentages of bad people in it? I see violent and hateful rhetoric on both sides. Except feminists are more socially acceptable and have more access to political power. But still, I wonder if the worst of both sides are similar deep down. When I see a guy say he wants women to be treated like cattle and not allowed anything, I don’t see much difference between him and the woman who thinks men should be tightly controlled like animals, lest they “bite”. Perhaps both have had little control or success in life, and think the opposite sex is so flawed they need to be under tight control. Or they just don’t care much about the rights of the opposite sex. Either way, when I hear someone speak like that, I know they are now beyond hope. I know men who rant against women, and women who rant against men, but I know they are alright. But I can’t say the same of those formerly mentioned.

    Because everyone is interested in making themselves look better, stuff like this happens. Perhaps it’s good to admit groups can have all sorts of people in them, and they are as feminist/MRA as the best of them.

    Of course, none of this means I automatically believe MRAs and feminists are the same, and that percentages of truly bad people are the same in them. The latter would be very interesting to find out though.

    But perhaps being a hate movement is about having hateful ideology? You know, I find many religious texts to be pretty evil, yet most of the followers I meet are nice. This is damn complicated.

    • Buck Thornton June 20, 2014 at 23:35 #

      Dear Emma,

      Your instincts and observations serve you well. Your last paragraph….I sugggest you talk to a follower. Ask what they are doing or following that makes them nice. It’s not complicated. The answer is really easy.

      The opposite of love is not hate. That’s what one would normally think. It is not. The opposite of love, is fear.

    • MC June 21, 2014 at 23:23 #

      A hate movement means that the movement is built on hatred, stirring up hatred for a particular group.

      Feminism hates men. The men’s movement does not hate women. They hate feminists. Yes, you’ll find some random guy who is a legitimate misogynist from time to time, but the men’s movement is pretty much just a response to the hate movement feminism. The MRM wouldn’t exist if feminism didn’t exist, because they would have no group to hate, they hate feminist, not women. Feminism would exist regardless if the MRM existed or not, because they hate men.

      Feminism also hates women, as they cannot really hate one gender without hating their own. It’s like they hate men, secretly wish they were men, hate women that act like women, hate masculinity, hate feminimity. Hell I’d argue they hate children as well, but saying they hate everything good in this world would probably sum it up nicely enough.

      • Buck Thornton June 22, 2014 at 01:34 #

        Biblically – look up John McArthur or Chuck Swindoll, both great men of the word of God, and find out what they know of feminism. The battle is not what it appears.
        Feminism does hate men, and feminism is most definitely a HATE movement. What Feminism really hates is women.

        The efforts to destroy feminism is actually an act of defending and protecting women, although that is not the obvious secular intent or ongoing understanding of the battle.

  7. freetofish June 19, 2014 at 00:40 #

    short answer? Of course he is. He does what he is told.

  8. richard June 19, 2014 at 00:55 #

    Oh don’t worry those women are inoffensive. If feminism has taught us anything is that women are not to be taken seriously. Except they are strong and capable of anything, except things like domestic violence or rape. A man would defend himself from actual violence so he obviously likes it. Women’s threats should be dismissed because they never have hurt anybody. Not anybody that didn’t deserve it of course. But in general women are inconsequential. And strong and independent, but also victims of the Patriarchy so if they do anything illegal, it’s probably because men had it coming to them. But they won’t because they are women and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Except they are strong and capable…

  9. Paul Murray June 19, 2014 at 03:37 #

    Happily, none of these people are capable of organising a mass murder.
    One of the suggestions in the Agent Orange files is that women should “get jobs at McDonalds” and selectively poison men.
    Isn’t that amazing? Oh no – not the murderousness of it. I mean, the childlike naivety of it. Have you ever heard of anything so silly and impractical in all your life? Oh, I’m not saying they mightn’t take out one, or two, or even a dozen men. But as a systematic means for reducing the male population? It’s on par with an 8-year-old boy with a scheme for getting to the moon with a rocket made of trash cans and “like, 100 boxes of sparklers!”.
    The shocking thing is that these people hold doctorates.

  10. Ferrum Itzal June 19, 2014 at 10:51 #

    Judgy, as you’ve pointed out numerous times, women can only beat up men because men let them. What do women think will happen when the men stop being so nice?

    As I’ve noted before, radical feminism isn’t a contained entity. It bleeds over into the mainstream, and though diluted, there is still enough essence to flavor the water. “Normal” women don’t seem to have a problem with Bobbit getting his dick cut off. I’ve heard a dozen average women say, “Well, he shouldn’t have cheated on her!” – as though that’s perfectly good justification for mutilation. And that’s just one example.

    The problem I see is that the average woman is buying in to this tripe and there aren’t enough women like you to counter their stupidity. The few articles you do, pointing out just how much contribution men make to society, amounts to nothing really. Not even a drop in the drop in a bucket.

    All I can figure is that some seriously bad times are ahead. The radfems think they’ve got game? Ha. Men have been fighting wars since time out of mind. When we decide to take the gloves off for this one, you’ll be able to hear the wails of the women from the fucking moon!

  11. theasdgamer June 19, 2014 at 13:40 #

    But, you see, JB, men are bad and women are good. So, when feminists say something controversial, it must be read with rose-colored glasses. Otoh, when a MRA uses hate-speech, even ironically, it must be read as instigating violence against women. See how I even put a rhetorical slant in my writing that favors feminism, so that the _exact same thing_ sounds Ok when about feminists, but awful when about MRAs? That’s the power of rhetoric when done skillfully.

  12. Chris June 19, 2014 at 17:56 #

    I read his takedown of Paul Elam. OMG I hate this guy. It is so obvious to anyone with an IQ above room temperature that he is not a mysogynist. Yes he is angry and is directing his anger at a certain type of woman. Why isn’t he directing this anger toward the same type of man? Because those men don’t affect him and the men he represents. Why has it become so unacceptable for a man to express their frustration and anger?

    I see it all the time with the whole Nice Guys thing. Google this term and you will see article after article in which the women writing them accuse many decent, kind and caring men of having “a sense of entitlement” simply for wanting to be loved and wanted by the women they care for. They make absolutely no allowances for the fact that many men do not think with their dicks and actually cannot tell right away whether they love someone or just want to be friends. Many men actually get to know a woman as friends and then discover that their feelings are more than that. Then what are they supposed to do? As far as I’m concerned most of these ramblings are just pure unadaulterated projection. It is these women, not the men they write about who have a misguided sense of entitlement. They feel entitled to take advantage of the way these men feel about them. Oh sure, they all say that they had no idea, and that the guy expected them to read their mind etc. Its all BS. Everyone has heard the expression ” a woman’s intuition”. It exists in comman parlance for a reason: because generally women as a group are more observant of subtle emotional shifts then men as a group are. They are less direct as a group. I’m not saying “all women”, but on average I think these two statements are true. So for the writers of these articles to assert that they had no idea how these men felt, I think is a lie.

    I was married to a woman like this. For 13 painful years.

    At the beginning of the relationship she used to brag to me about how she would get guys she wasn’t really attracted to to be her friend and how she could get them to do anything she wanted them to do for her, like bring her ice cream in the middle of the night. I was stupid – I didn’t realize that this was as good an indication as any of just how evil she was and is to this day. So I know that this type of thinking exists. I’m not saying that every article about Nice Guys is written by this type of person; I’m sure that there are some cases where a bad guy does indeed pretend to be nice to get in a girl’s pants and then gets upset when his plan fails. But most of the articles that I read refer to a situation where a guy is friends with a woman for years before he reveals these feelings to her. Now what kind of guy waits for years to just get laid? Of course this just plays into the already overblown egos of these women who think that they are soooo attractive that of course a man is going to cook up such an elaborate ruse to win them over – just for their bodies nothing else.

    Just makes my blood boil.

  13. Goober June 20, 2014 at 18:16 #

    My best friend called me yesterday, holding back tears. I guess his wife of 10 years decided over memorial Day weekend to leave him. She gave no indication of why, other than that she was “just not happy.”

    Apparently, she’s decided that is HIS fault.

    How frustrating must it be to have your family dissolve around you, not because of something you did (he’s a great guy, good father, doting husband) but just because your wife has decided that she’s “not happy” and instead of working to fix that, just up and leaves?

    Jesus… I can’t even imagine how he’s got to feel right now.

    I’ve been “not happy” before, too. I didn’t blame my wife for it. If she was causing my unhappiness, I worked with her to find a solution. But to just up and leave a marriage, with children and all, because you are not happy, can’t put your thumb on why, and think maybe that leaving your husband will fix it? Fuck around… That’s pretty decisive, destructive action for something you’re not even sure what the cause is and can’t even elaborate what the problem is…

    Even money she’s trying to come back in 6 months or less, when she realizes that she is even more miserable without him, but to be honest, I’m notsure I’d take her back in that case. If her first reaction to a bit of dissatisfaction is to leave me right away and go looking for something better… Fickle doesn’t even describe it.

    • LostSailor June 20, 2014 at 18:53 #

      Goober, you can do your friend a solid by helping him get his act together. He must talk to a lawyer now. He must not move out of the marital residence, no matter how hard she asks. He must set up separate bank accounts and protect his finances. If credit cards are jointly held, or if she has one in his name, he must cancel them now. He must start to document everything, even to the extent of buying a small digital voice recorder and recording his interactions with her.

      It may sound paranoid, but it’s not. He may be an emotional wreck right now and may not want to deal with this, but he has to, and since he’s your best friend, you’ve got to convince him. He may harbor a desire to play nice in hopes of getting her back: he won’t. She made a unilateral and cavalier decision to blow up her family for frivolous reasons, and mentally, she left this marriage long ago. She may or may not be planning a preemptive strike, but Charlie has to be prepared to deal with it.

      Take her at her word: she’s gone. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. And he’s got to do it now! And I mean, don’t wait for the weekend to be over, start this afternoon.

      I feel for your friend. Good luck.

      • Buck Thornton June 21, 2014 at 01:37 #

        This is really sound, non paranoid, and logical advice. And better yet, free. In 2003, prior to video on cell phones, I was to meet my sister in law who was going to “let me” see my son. She allowed me 2 hrs under the “orders” of her sister, my wife. I went and bought a recorder. Met her, told her I’d bring him back in a few hours. She lost it…all on recorder. I handed it to my lawyer who handed it to her lawyer. MY ex had not been following agreed upon access as per legal agreements.
        Things changed after that recording.
        Always always be prepared to record, and if you sense conflict, turn it on before walking into it.

  14. AvenueX June 20, 2014 at 23:31 #

    I think -hopefully- they are not able to carry out these outrageous threats because outside of their women’s studies class they are a bunch of cowards.
    And this “crazy cat lady” type is rather preposterous due to its showing singlehood as the worst nightmare known to women (or men). It isn’t. Being single isn’t like a prison sentence, single people live like the rest of humankind. What I point out is more of these feminazis would be better off being single, not for the sake of them but for the sake of men whom they receive child support, alimony ect. Being unmarried is not a disaster for neither a man or a woman, but living with someone who has these warped views about men is.
    Anyway if they killed all men who would pay their child support, who would listen to their false rape charges and listen to their rants about how men have it always perfect?

  15. Zoe September 10, 2014 at 23:58 #

    Honestly I don’t know whether to laugh or be shocked? Reading some of those comments about aborting baby boys…… i just have one question, when these idiots (that frankly make me ashamed i’m the same species nevermind the same gender) were concocting this little Kill all Men master plan….. how did they think they would be carrying on the human race without sperm…. which in case they failed biology is one of the things testicles make…. you know the part men bring to the baby making party?


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