People need to stop being dicks on the subway by taking up way too much space. Oh wait. No, just men need to stop doing that. More equality!


I’m a bit cranky today, owing to the fact that I am suffering from a wicked head cold thanks to the filthy, germ-ridden little creatures who live here with me.  Kindergarten plague. Ugh.  Even so, this tumblr has pissed me off royally.  It’s called Men Taking Up Too Much Space on … [Read more...]

Two lovely girls are dead by suicide, and we need to talk about how the world has changed.


Rehtaeh Parsons, 17 years old. Audrie Pott, 15 years old. These two girls took their own lives after pictures of boys sexually assaulting them were plastered across the entire context of their social worlds.  They could not live with the shame. The loss of these girls is an … [Read more...]

Of course you can blame the victim. Who else are you going to blame?


Do you have diabetes? Is that because you’re 200 pounds overweight and you maintain your heft with a steady diet of donuts, hotdogs and big gulp sodas? Gosh, that’s too bad. It’s not your fault, though, sweetie. A nefarious plot between corn producers, the government and … [Read more...]