If gender is a social construct, why do transgender people KNOW they are the wrong gender?

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Hey, remember last year when I complained about all the boring whore costumes women sport on Halloween? http://judgybitch.com/2012/10/26/ladies-you-can-be-hot-this-halloween-without-dressing-like-a-whore/ For the record, I went as Lara Croft, and I was awesome!  This year, just … [Read more...]

People need to stop being dicks on the subway by taking up way too much space. Oh wait. No, just men need to stop doing that. More equality!


I’m a bit cranky today, owing to the fact that I am suffering from a wicked head cold thanks to the filthy, germ-ridden little creatures who live here with me.  Kindergarten plague. Ugh.  Even so, this tumblr has pissed me off royally.  It’s called Men Taking Up Too Much Space on … [Read more...]

Of course you can blame the victim. Who else are you going to blame?


Do you have diabetes? Is that because you’re 200 pounds overweight and you maintain your heft with a steady diet of donuts, hotdogs and big gulp sodas? Gosh, that’s too bad. It’s not your fault, though, sweetie. A nefarious plot between corn producers, the government and … [Read more...]