My my my. Feminists seem very frightened of my voice on Twitter

9 Sep

Another coordinated attack has my second account @thejudgybitch suspended.


Ho hum. I’m back with @theJudgyBitch2


What’s the matter feminists? You afraid of the truth?


Guess so.



Feminists care about equality? Bullshit. They stand directly in the way of it.

8 Sep


Much of the research in this article was compiled by a Tumblr blogger you can find here. My thanks to that blogger for bringing the information together.


I am often accused of simply not understanding what feminism IS when I dare to criticize it, especially on Twitter. Get a dictionary, blah blah blah whatever. See, here’s the thing: I know exactly what feminism IS and the claim that feminists stand for gender equality is not only outright laughable, I’m beginning to see it as a calculated, deliberate, malicious lie. Feminists damn well know they are seeking superiority and the wholesale destruction of society as we know it to be replaced by a brutal matriarchy in which all women and the remaining men will be subject to totalitarian controls that would make Stalin green with envy.


Check out this article from Kate Millet’s sister, for example. I didn’t think anything about the depravity of feminism could shock me anymore. I was wrong. This little chant sent shivers down me.




“Why are we here today?”

“To make revolution,”

“What kind of revolution?”

“The Cultural Revolution,”

“And how do we make Cultural Revolution?”

“By destroying the American family!”

“How do we destroy the family?”

“By destroying the American Patriarch,”

“And how do we destroy the American Patriarch?”

“By taking away his power!”

“How do we do that?”

“By destroying monogamy!” they shouted.

“How can we destroy monogamy?”

“By promoting promiscuity, eroticism, prostitution and homosexuality!”


Or check out this little psychopath who thinks murdering 90% of male human beings is a dandy idea:



NOT ALL FEMINISTS the feminists will shriek, presumably to convince us that those “other” feminists really do care about equality. Do they?


Let’s take a look.


Child custody

#womenagainstfeminism and the MRM would like to see the presumption of joint custody upon dissolution of parental relationships, based on the idea that men and women are equally capable of caring for children and that children have a basic human right to an equal relationship with both parents unless it can be PROVEN that the mother or father is an abusive partner.


The feminist response to literal equality?


The largest feminist organization in North America NOW issued a position statement actively organizing against father’s rights groups to shut down their demands for equality.


They have also declared fathers who protest being cut out of their children’s lives by vindictive, manipulative women as abusers who are seeking to control women.


This is feminism in action, folks. They are fighting against equality, not for it. And in the process destroying countless families, children and men.


Domestic Violence

Study after study shows that women are as violent and often more violent than men when it comes to domestic abuse, and #womenagainstfeminism and the MRM have repeatedly called for an understanding of domestic violence as an issue that affects and is perpetrated equally by men and women.


The feminist response to those facts? The Violence Against WOMEN Act and the subsequent Duluth Model that ensures men are disproportionately arrested, charged and convicted of domestic violence while women get off virtually untouched.





Once again, you have feminists standing in the way of equality, effectively creating a legal and social environment in which women are free to abuse men, but men are held accountable for their abuse. Surely everyone remembers this article, in which 40% of Jezebel editors and writers admit rather gleefully to abusing male partners because he asked for it, dontcha know.  Even a man as rich and powerful as Jay Z has to stand there and take it when a little psycho bitch goes off and attacks him.




#womenagainstfeminism and the MRM have repeatedly called for our sons, brothers, friends and all men everywhere to be protected from sex predators no matter what the gender of the predator. You can go to this Facebook page if you doubt the epidemic of female sex predators, or this page, which documents all the female teachers who have raped students under their care. The idea that women cannot rape is ludicrous, and the corollary notion that men and boys are not harmed by sexual abuse is outright despicable.


The feminist response to gender equality when it comes to the understanding, persecution and sentencing of rapists?




First you have the “teach MEN not to rape” garbage, which makes as much sense as teaching women not to kill their babies because a small minority will, or teaching Muslims not be terrorists because a small minority are.


Then you have the California Consent bill which strips due process from the accused (mostly men and certainly intended to be men).


Then you have feminist researchers engineering the Center for Disease Control study tracking sexual violence to deliberately exclude male victims to disguise the fact that women rape and men are victims.


It is men who are advocating for an understanding of rape as a crime that both men and women can and DO commit, and a crime in which both men and women can be and ARE victims.


And feminists who stand in the way. That is not the equality they want.


And this is not just happening in North America, either. Feminists in India railed against a gender neutral definition of rape,and in Israel.


Economic Support



During the recession that hit men so much harder than women in was called the Mancession, men advocated for an economic stimulus package that would help industries like construction that tend to be dominated by men.


How did feminists respond?


The National Organization for Women (NOW), the Feminist Majority, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, and the National Women’s Law Center soon joined the battle against the supposedly sexist bailout of men’s jobs.


All the while advocating for a stimulus package to create more jobs for women, who were not suffering nearly as badly as men.


Here is my thought on these women:


Criminal sentencing


When Prof. Sonya Starr took a look at the differences in federal criminal sentencing, she found a large disparity between how men and women are sentenced for identical crimes.


After controlling for the arrest offense, criminal history, and other prior characteristics, “men receive 63% longer sentences on average than women do,” and “[w]omen are…twice as likely to avoid incarceration if convicted.”


The feminist response to unequal sentencing before the law? Let’s make it even MORE unequal!   Even women who have murdered multiple people should be taken out of prison and put into more “homey” environments.


Granted, that is the UK, but is it so farfetched to think other Western feminists will soon follow suit? A woman in Canada was caught on camera trying to hire a police officer to kill her husband and she walked away, supported by feminists who felt the poor duck was just under some stress.



Feminists fighting for equality? Like fuck they are. They are fighting against it.


And that is why we are fighting them. Those decades of perfecting a victim complex might just be the thing to bite them in the ass. #womenagainstfeminism haven’t been playing the victim. We’ve been learning to defend ourselves, and all those we love.




And we are coming after you, feminists.


Armor up.


Lots of love,




OMG! OMG! OMG! Big news!

5 Sep



I just received the final line-by-line edit of my novel from my agent and we will begin submitting to publishers next week!


It’s almost done…. publishing a novel will be the achievement of a lifetime dream … one I set aside to nurture my marriage and family to the point of unassailable strength …. here is a list of my regrets in making my husband and family more important than my personal ambitions…




Wish me luck! Wish me a sale! Can’t wait to hand that check to my husband, for all he has done for me over all these years.


Lots of love,




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