JBTV Episode 4: Legal rights that women have and men don’t – #HeForShe ? Try the other way around.

24 Sep

JBTV Episode 3 #HeForShe and why it’s a crock of shit

23 Sep

Shoutout to @SezChuck for writing me that awesome little introductory track!  I figured out how to add it, too!


I am in YouTube kindergarten, but I will get better!


Practice, practice, practice!



Lots of love,



JBTV: Episode 2 – just what are women doing at college anyways?

22 Sep

Okay, so I still can’t figure out how to drop graphics and images into MovieMaker without messing up my audio – I watched a tutorial but I can’t seem to manage to get a second copy of the audio to run so I can mute the first one.


Frustrating, but interesting, too.


I welcome suggestions for improvement!



Lots of love,




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