All my sex are rape :(

4 Oct

New article is up at Thought Catalog in which I explain how California thinks all the sex I have ever had has been rape.


Hint: it’s wasn’t, and California is fucking nuts.


Under the California standards of consent, it turns out that I have never even once had sex that was not legally rape. I have never asked for consent from a partner, nor has any partner ever asked for my consent, and I’m kind of glad, because “may I put my penis in your vagina now” is kind of a libido killer for me.




Lots of Love,





A good article on campus sexual violence insanity in which I am quoted – Ego? What ego? What are you talking about?

30 Sep

college fix

My response to Joseph Gordon-Levitt on what feminism means to me

28 Sep

Many thanks to @Bremstone who did the editing on this one for me.




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