Abusing feminists with logic while cooking chicken braised in feminist tears

23 Mar



A feminist found this post from www.avoiceformen.com and can’t even…. he can’t literally even….


It’s a bit of playful silliness, but leave it to feminists to not get the joke. Some people have no sense of humor at all. Sheesh!




From August Løvenskiolds:


The MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) lifestyle, ideally, involves both a real-world withdrawal of men from women and a reduction in the large excess of productivity by men necessary to support the pampering of women through the state’s taxation of men’s natural high productivity.

Men like me who choose this path may experience a decline in disposable income as we no longer strive to be the stripper pole of cash climbed by needy, seductive succubi eager to harvest us for our resources. But this doesn’t mean that MGTOW should be denied the gastronomic pleasures of preparing our own easy, affordable, and low-cost meals.

I go shopping for food once every two weeks or so. I eat out less than once a month – twice in calendar 2015 so far, and a woman paid for one of those meals.

Beef is quite expensive as I write this but chicken is cheap and in Dallas, I can buy a “family pack” (heh) of 7-9 boned (heh), skinless chicken breasts (heh) for less than 10-12 dollars US. I break them up into individual plastic freezer bags, carefully bleeding out as much air as possible before freezing them. I then have a fortnight’s worth of protein for the price of buying some crazy feminist harpy two sour apple martinis.

Now, the basic preparation of one of these frozen breasts is easy: remove from freezer and wrapping, plop onto a pan and place into a 450 degree Fahrenheit (about 230 Celsius) oven for about an hour or less.

While you are waiting, get on Twitter and give hell to any feminists you can find.

At the end of an hour you will find a beautiful, tasty (if a little dry) roasted chicken breast. Pair that with your favorite dipping sauce (teriyaki and chili paste for me), some veggie dish and a glass of cheap wine, and you are eating in a way Caesar would envy two thousand years ago.

Now, after a while, you can get more elaborate with seasonings, dipping sauces and side dishes but the basic idea is the same: low-cost, low work, and good, sensible food to keep you going on your latest online adventure.

I just polished off my latest variation on this dish. It is much more elaborate but adds a variety necessary to keep gastronomic things interesting.

First, before I removed it from the bag, I thawed the chicken breast. I picked a large breast because I intended to stuff it with butter and herbs.

I force-thawed the still-bagged chicken breast in a small container under a leaky faucet dripping slowly on top of it. It took about 50 minutes to thaw. Two twitter feminists screamed and blocked me while I was waiting. I then preheated the oven to 400 degrees (about 205 Celsius).

As I held the thawed breast gently, my knife made a small incision on the thickest side of it. I enlarged the incision with the blunt plastic handle of a small spatula until there was a tight canyon/cul-de-sac  in the breast as far as I could force the probe without rupturing the other side of the breast.

I stuffed the resulting cavern in the breast with one smashed clove of garlic, several shards of frozen butter, and a fresh leaf of sage. Oregano, rosemary, or really, any herb you like can be used here.

I placed the stuffed breast in a 10-inch (25 cm) heavy aluminum pie pan with some frozen whole-kernel sweet corn. I put some pats of real butter, hot sauce, pepper and salt over the whole mess and baked them for about 40-55 minutes while I abused some more online feminists with logic.

And voilà. A feast of buttery baked chicken and sweet corn. Life is GOOD.

You can stuff the chicken with whatever you like before baking: ham & cheese, bleu cheese, leeks, olives (green and/or black), horseradish & apple – endless choices.  No affirmative consent is needed. Ever.

A cheap, delicious meal – costing two to four bucks – and a nightmare for feminists.

Living well is sweet revenge.


Lots of love,




David Futrelle used to be a men’s rights activist? Yep.

22 Mar



So I came across this, which Futrelle confirms he wrote:

To the editors:

Andersonville is a lovely neighborhood, boasting quaint, well-preserved architecture and a diverse assortment of shops, restaurants, and cafes. I love living here. But one thing is sorely lacking: a good, general-interest bookstore.

The one bookstore we do have, Women & Children First [“Breaking the Chains,” June 4], is a decent place to turn if you want to stock up on Andrea Dworkin or pick up the latest issue of Bust, but pretty much useless if your tastes range beyond the limits of the store owners’ admittedly specialized sensibilities. By campaigning against Borders, Women & Children First’s owners are effectively declaring themselves antichoice, which strikes me (a lapsed feminist) as a teensy bit of an irony.

Look, I buy a ton of books. I’d be happy to give Women & Children First my money, to keep it “in the neighborhood” and all–if they actually sold books I was interested in buying. They don’t, so I trek off to Borders or turn to the Internet; heck, I sent $158 to a certain Seattle book-seller earlier today. I’m not quite sure how this helps the neighborhood.

We heard a lot of alarmist talk a couple years back from folks who thought the presence of a Starbucks would destroy Andersonville’s neighborhood cafes. Well, Starbucks arrived, and the cafes survived. Indeed, on busy nights I can’t even find a seat at the Kopi cafe to read the books I didn’t buy–couldn’t have bought–at Women & Children First.

David Futrelle


A teensy bit of an irony? You don’t say. Here is a picture of hipster MRA Futrelle from back in his day, before he figured out how to make money pandering to the feminazis. All he needs is a fedora.

David Futrelle - 008


Pretty hot!

Depending on what one means by “hot”, of course.

Lots of love,


We are killing it: Prentice Reid, you know I’m talking about you!

20 Mar

6 trutha


My new Thought Catalog article, a collaboration with Prentice Reid.


I’ve known Prentice for quite some time over various social media platforms and he has always impressed me as a serious historian and journalist. He’s the very definition of what the Fifth Estate should be, and the paradigmatic citizen blogger.


He’s a personal hero, to be honest.


I am Prentice’s editor at A Voice for Men, so I get a chance to read his stuff well before anyone else. By mutual agreement, I have been adapting Prentice’s work for Thought Catalog, adding my own spin onto his research and tailoring it for that audience.


And between the two of us, we are killing it!


I always credit Prentice in the Thought Catalog articles and provide links back to his original research, but just to make it clear as clear can be, I am standing on the back on Prentice’s immaculate research into issues we both care about, very deeply.


That is a privilege.


One I have only two words for:


Smiley Face Person Holding Thank You Sign


Lots of love,




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