Do women have more rights than men? Why yes! Yes they do.

13 Aug



Here is my new piece at Thought Catalog detailing five rights that women have and men do not. The comments should be interesting….


Men may vote if, and only if, they agree they will face death if required. Women have no such obligation, but they do get to vote for the governments that can potentially send men to meet death.

Mother Jones leaps into the fray. Feminist commenters are not happy.

11 Aug



Some very interesting coverage of the #womenagainstfeminism movement, which continues to swell and gain supporters by the hour.


Mother Jones unironically points to the women in the Men’s Rights Movement (which is philosophically tied to #WAF) as a major force driving the conversation. Feminism: we care about everyone equally, but we will only listen when the correct genital-haver speaks. #seemslegit


The Washington Examiner makes the same observation: “Wait – there’s women? Oh, let’s listen to them, then.”


And even Margaret Wente at the Globe and Mail has to agree that women are making some excellent points about misandry and the hatred of men and masculinity that is at the rotten core of modern feminism.




Men need women to speak before they get anything other than mocking, insults, derision, ridicule or outright dismissal. That’s why there is a Men’s Rights Movement. And it’s also why feminism is watching it’s own death.




They always speak louder than words.


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Do video games normalize women using men as target practice or is Anita Sarkeesian just full of shit?

7 Aug


This video is a hilarious encapsulation of just how blind and obsessively self-involved modern feminists have become.






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