The Pill: beer goggles for women

18 Nov


bitch face


According to researchers at Florida State University, women who were on the Pill when they met their husbands experienced a changed view of their relationship once they stopped taking it. Once they ditched the daily Permanent Bitch Hormone, women with hot husbands found them really hot, and women with less than hot husbands were pissed.


With men whose faces did not conform to objective measures of attractiveness, the women became less satisfied with their relationship when they stopped using oral contraception.


What I find really interesting in this study is that when you ask women what makes a relationship satisfying, or what makes it work he needs to be really fucking hot hardly ever makes the list. According to this study, there are 12 key dimensions that impact how happy and fulfilling and long-term a marriage will be:


  1. Positive thoughts about your partner
  2. Thinking about your partner when you’re apart
  3. Can’t think about anything else when you are thinking about your partner
  4. Enjoying novel and challenging activities
  5. Spending time together
  6. Expressing affection
  7. Being turned on by your partner
  8. Having sex
  9. Feeling happy
  10. Wanting to know where your partner is at all times
  11. Obsessively thinking about your partner
  12. Having a passion for life


Seriously, it reads like a list put together by 13 year old girls drunk on hot chocolate at a sleepover. Looks like I’m in for a rough ride. I’m not really the jealous, insecure, stalkerish type and I generally have no idea where my husband is or what he is doing when he leaves the house, unless he is doing something specific like taking the kids to dance or picking up groceries. He is either at work, at a meeting, at a site, having lunch with friends, having lunch with colleagues, or …. I don’t know. I don’t really care either, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. I care about what he is doing at any specific moment as much as he cares what I am doing. Laundry? Am I at the library? Chatting at the neighbor’s? Who cares?


I have very positive thoughts about my husband, but no I don’t think about him obsessively and I can have a generally positive outlook about him and us and our family and our marriage and still manage to have other thoughts in my head, too. I’m pretty sure that is a two way street. I cringe at the thought of obsessive thinking. It doesn’t sound fun at all.


6, 7 and 8 seem to be getting closer to the heart of the matter, but they are still very much side-stepping what appears to be an absolutely central component of how happy a woman is with her relationship: being physically attracted is essential.


For women.


God forbid a man express any unhappiness with his relationship based on his wife’s physical appearance. The shallow, disgusting misogynist pig. Any man that cares about physical attraction clearly hates women and can’t handle normal human diversity! He should be scorned and shunned and it should be illegal to call a woman “fat” or any other disparaging term.


Women would never be so shallow as to evaluate an entire relationship based on whether her husband is conventionally attractive. Beauty and the Beast and all that, right? Women love personality and not something as arbitrary and superficial as bone structure.


Look! Here are 8 Qualities that Define a Great Man

  1. Polite, respectful, considerate and attentive to a woman’s needs
  2. Direct
  3. Faithful
  4. Has integrity
  5. Honest
  6. Mature
  7. Confident
  8. Has a positive attitude

See? Handsome is nowhere on the list! Women do not evaluate men based on their physical assets and they certainly don’t perceive relationships differently based on how good-looking a man happens to be.


Except, whoops, they do.


The findings suggest hormonal contraceptives can interfere with the way women assess male attractiveness and so how satisfied they are with their partner. While relationships are usually built on a range of traits, the researchers warn that contraceptives can have an unexpected influence on what women look for in a partner.


The researchers followed 118 newlywed couples over four years, with the women completing regular surveys on their level of satisfaction with their relationship and their use of contraceptives. The researchers, whose work is published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, also used “trained observers” to rate the men’s facial attractiveness.


They found that women who had been using the pill when they met their husbands and later stopped taking the contraceptives saw a change in how they rated their relationship. Those with attractive husbands became more satisfied while those with less attractive husbands became less satisfied.


Trained observers to rate men’s attractiveness. Hmmm. That sounds like some interesting training. Sign me up!



I actually don’t really have any problem with this but I do object to the cultural denial that somehow it is only men who evaluate relationship satisfaction based on their partner’s appearance, and that this somehow proves men are shallow, thoughtless creeps deserving of scorn and mockery. This is particularly true of feminist women. How many times has Jezebel mocked and derided and hated on men who are open about specific physical characteristics they desire in partners? See here, here and here for examples.



And really, which group is pulling the bait and switch? Men who are open about what they want, or women taking powerful hormones that control their personalities and then blowing up their relationships when they ditch the meds?



And if artificial hormones designed to suppress women’s reproductive capabilities can have this sort of effect on how they evaluate their satisfaction with long term partners, what other effects are they having? We know that the pill affects women’s abilities to detect male pheromones.




How might that play out in the workplace? In a nightclub? In an elevator when a man asks a woman if she would like to have coffee *cough* Rebecca Watson *cough*.



Feminists have an overwhelming need to deny differences between men and women (it’s all just socialization!) but when differences are ready and apparent, they are almost always trotted out as proof that men suck. And even when it turns out that women are just as likely to engage in objectification of men, they are at the helm to deny it matters in any way.


Male objectification isn’t about making men feel bad. It’s about not caring how men feel.



So writes Kat Stoeffel unapologetically in New York Mag.



And that, ladies who call yourselves feminists, is the problem.



Perhaps a solution to all the feminist insanity is to get those ladies off the Pill? Take off the beer goggles. Join the human race.



It’s kind of cool, seeing the world with your eyes open.





Feminists should try it.



Lots of love,







A feminist man as the father of your children? Just say no! Follow up Thought Catalog article

17 Nov



Now before you jump on me for calling the children a woman has with any man “her” children, let me assure you I address the issue!


The commenters should lose their shit over this one!


Your feminist father will make face a conundrum when your son sees a cool astrophysicist on TV wearing an awesome shirt that he went and ordered with his bitcoin stash, clearly demonstrating that he does not understand how clothing choices can have an impact, often severe, on those around him.

To the reader who suggested the topic but prefers to remain anonymous, thank you!




It’s not advanced math and rigorous training that keeps women out of STEM. It’s sexist shirts. Watch feminists break the stupid meter.

14 Nov




I just have to chime in on the whole #shirtstorm issue, since I do believe this is the single most stupid thing I have ever heard a feminist utter and we all know feminists are capable of breath-taking levels of stupid. But this really does take the cake.  From an article published on The Verge :


I don’t care if you landed a spacecraft on a comet, your shirt is sexist and ostracizing


Yesterday the European Space Agency landed the Philae spacecraft on a comet, a powerful step forward for humanity and science alike. However, slightly before the big moment, coverage of the event reminded us how much progress remains to be accomplished back on Earth.


A team of brilliant scientists landed a rocket on a piece of rock hurtling through space! Let’s say it again: a team of brilliant scientists landed a rocket on a piece of rock hurtling through space!  An unprecedented, remarkable achievement that rightly left most sane people staring open-mouthed in awe.

But not our little feminist Arielle Duhaime-Ross. Nope. She has bigger things on her mind.


A number of the scientists involved on this incredible project were interviewed in the hours leading to contact by Nature Newsteam. One of those Rosetta scientists was Matt Taylor, who chose to dress, for this special occasion, in a bowling shirt covered in scantily clad caricatures of sexy women in provocative poses.




Oh my god he did WHAT???????


Let’s take a moment to parse some feminists *cough* intelligence *cough* on the matter of clothing choices. You might want to take a Tylenol as a precaution.


What a woman wears has nothing to do with rape culture and thinking it does is part of patriarchy.


Video games in which women are scantily dressed promote rape culture and patriarchy.


Teenage girls should be allowed to wear whatever the hell they want to school and if visible ass cheeks are distracting that is the boy’s problem.


Movies in which teenage girls are scantily dressed promote rape culture and patriarchy.


Yoga pants are appropriate attire at all times.


Women who wear yoga pants are promoting rape culture.


Topless women are progressive and empowering.


Topless women are part of patriarchy.


Tight t-shirts are part of rape culture.




Tight t-shirts have nothing to do with rape culture.


Got that? What a woman wears has nothing to do with patriarchy and rape culture except when it does.


“This is going to be a very long day but a very exciting day,” said Taylor. “I think everyone should enjoy it because we’re making history.”


The subtext is pretty clear, isn’t it? What Taylor is really saying is “I hate women”.


No one knows why Taylor chose to wear that shirt on television during a massive scientific mission. From what we can tell, a woman who goes by the name of Elly Prizeman on Twitter made the shirt for him, and is just as bewildered as he must be that anyone might be upset about her creation. Taylor apologized on Friday during a live ESA broadcast for wearing the shirt, stating that “the shirt I wore this week… I made a big mistake and I offended many people, and I’m very sorry about this.” Still, Taylor’s personal apology doesn’t make up for the fact that no one at ESA saw fit to stop him from representing the Space community with clothing that demeans 50 percent of the world’s population. No one asked him to take it off, because presumably they didn’t think about it. It wasn’t worth worrying about.


A woman made the shirt for him. There’s your first clue, Einstein. That shirt does not offend or demean 50% of the world’s population.  It offends joyless, petulant, irrational, victim worshipping feminists cunts like you!


Yeah, yeah, cunt is a bit harsh, but do you know why I like using those words, especially to describe feminists? It’s a way of  iterating, forcefully, that their precious feelz matter not one fucking bit to me. Women’s feelings do not matter more than men’s feelings, women do not have the right to walk through life in a state of perpetual  comfort, never offended by anything at any time anywhere. It is not wrong to offend women and most women know this already!


It’s feminist bitches who seem to think the world owes them permanent obsequiousness and obedience. Remember this pathetic attention whore? Tweeting out her butthurt over a Dongle joke that wasn’t even addressed to her?


They see a guy like that on TV and they don’t feel welcome.


Bullshit. And even if it were true, guess what buttercup? You are responsible for your own feelings. You do not get to hold other adults responsible for your irrational reactions. No adult is responsible for the feelings of any other adult. That is what being an adult means.


They see a poster of greased up women in a colleague’s office and they know they aren’t respected.


Oh really? Kim Kardashian would like a word with you about body oil, breaking the internet and respect.


They hear comments about “bitches” while out at a bar with fellow science students, and they decide to change majors.




Yeah, it’s not because the training is gruelling, the hours are long, the math is wicked hard, the solutions are not easy and there is one right answer that you get or you don’t.  It’s because someone used the word “bitches” at a bar. Yeah that explains it.


Notice how most feminists view women as pathetic mewling simpletons incapable of navigating the tiniest bump or challenge? How strong! How independent! How resilient!


And those are the women who actually make it that far. Those are the few who persevered even when they were discouraged from pursuing degrees in physics, chemistry, and math throughout high school.


Lol! What fucking world do you live in? How much money is spent trying to encourage women to get into STEM fields? It’s mostly wasted because women A) aren’t interested and B) lose interest in working once they have children.


These are the women who forged on despite the fact that they were told by elementary school classmates and the media at large that girls who like science are nerdy and unattractive.




Yeah, the media has no images of cool, sexy scientists at all.


This is the climate women who dream of working at NASA or the ESA come up against, every single day. This shirt is representative of all of that, and the ESA has yet to issue a statement or apologize for that.


Why the fuck should they apologize? Because some stick up the ass feminist shrew witnessed the monumental achievement of a team of men and then made the whole thing about herself and her petty grievances?


The Atlantic journalist Rose Eveleth brilliantly captures what that shirt represents in a community that continues to struggle, if not outright fail, to respect women.




Hey Rose, women are welcome in the tech community and always have been. But you feminists?


Yeah you can fuck off.


The rest of us will stand around and cheer the brilliance of men who set their minds to something. Go Matt! And don’t listen to a thing those feminist killjoys say.



Oh, by the way, Agnes McPhail is what feminism used to be. If you’re looking for equality today, you’ll find it wherever #WomenAgainstFeminism happen to be.




Come to the dark side, Matt. Bring your rockets. And your shirt! We’ll make cookies.


Lots of love,





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