I am now officially sick of rape culture bullshit

beer goggles

  Belle Knox, Duke Porn Star, sex-positive feminist and activist for sex workers has some thoughts on rape culture.  They’re stupid.  Big surprise.   I was at a friend's house when the topic of college rape arose. I mentioned that I knew of someone who had been … [Read more...]

Food = Love. Careful now. That’s a trap set by the patriarchy to encourage meaningful relationships, and we can’t have that!


    Captain Capitalism has a theory that people whose political inclinations tend to lean left are less physically attractive than those who lean more to the right. According to the Captain, looking physically attractive takes work and effort and leftists have a … [Read more...]

People need to stop being dicks on the subway by taking up way too much space. Oh wait. No, just men need to stop doing that. More equality!


I’m a bit cranky today, owing to the fact that I am suffering from a wicked head cold thanks to the filthy, germ-ridden little creatures who live here with me.  Kindergarten plague. Ugh.  Even so, this tumblr has pissed me off royally.  It’s called Men Taking Up Too Much Space on … [Read more...]

Newlywed woman kills her husband after 8 days of marriage by shoving him off a cliff from behind, and still only gets a second degree murder charge. Because she totally didn’t mean to kill him, right? Lots of people survive being shoved off cliffs. :/


Jordan Graham, 22 years of age, had been married to Cody Johnson, 25, for just eight days when he “fell” to his death off a cliff located in Glacier Park, Montana. http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/09/10/us-usa-crime-montana-idUSBRE98904Y20130910 Jordan initially spun a web … [Read more...]

Miley Cyrus may have delivered a brilliant parody of slut culture, but let’s all focus on what a dick Robin Thicke is!


Okay, I did it. I watched Miley Cyrus perform on the VMAs. I was prepared to be cringing and squirming and recoiling from my screen every ten seconds. Meh. It wasn’t really that racy at all. Miley isn’t exactly the world’s most energetic dancer and she seemed to be having a … [Read more...]