Like poetry? Tired of white knight bullshit? Try this on for size


  Blair Naso, who writes at Return of Kings, has some pretty definite ideas about the state of gender relations in society, and he is unabashed at holding men just as responsible as women for the mess we are currently witnessing. There are a few people in the Manosphere who … [Read more...]

Yale confirms it: When it comes to rape, “No” really does mean “Yes”!


This absolutely made my day.  Completely hilarious. A bunch of obviously confused women’s studies majors, where they basically train in contradiction, irrationality and hypocrisy, decided to explain to their kindergarten adult students exactly what consensual sex looks like … [Read more...]

Some women are totally clueless about their own bodies. Obviously, that makes men terrorists. New heights in utter idiocy.


Let’s start with this. I’m…… I can’t…… WHAT?!? Is that a typo?  She meant IGNORANCE, right?  She just has one fucked up autocorrect.  IGNORANCE is having sex your whole adult life, giving birth to six children and never having an orgasm. This is terrorism: It beggars … [Read more...]

Advice for Women Who Don’t Want to get Divorced


After 16 years of marriage, Gerald Rogers finalized his divorce and wrote down some advice he wished he had received a long time ago.  His Facebook posting went viral, with over 10 000 likes and 100 000 shares at last … [Read more...]