How much does the media hate people who don’t want to see feminist films? Mad Max and feminist fury.

mad max

The hashtag #MediaGate is gleefully tracking the sheer number of media outlets who got sucked into the “men’s rights activists are boycotting Mad Max” hoax, which originated in a post at Return of Kings by economist Aaron Clarey. If you click on the “about” tag of Return of … [Read more...]

One man's fight to see his son – the broken family court system


  This is an interesting blog written by a personal friend of mine who has spent the last 11 years paying child support for a son he seen only a handful of times.   Please follow this blog if you want a detailed story about … [Read more...]

Yes, women lie about rape and some of the reasons are awful

rape lies

  I will unabashedly confess that doing the research for this piece left me with my mouth hanging open. Genuinely shocked at some of the reasons and how heartless some women are. The friends she had left behind were angry with her and a brawl broke out among the women, who … [Read more...]

Why men should NEVER pay for the first date

front page

  This article appeared in Metro and you would think by now my anger towards feminist hypocrisy would have abated, given the sheer volume of it, but alas, it has not. This article really pisses me off, because it paints women as such pathetic, rapacious, grasping whores and … [Read more...]