How do people respond when the domestic violence victim is a man? They laugh.




This PSA by anti-DV organization Mankind just about says it all.  When a woman is mildly assaulted in public, people step in and put a stop to it.  When a man is much more violently assaulted, people laugh.


No really.


They laugh.



Good thing misandry doesn’t exist, right?


Pop Quiz:  What would happen if the man fought back?


Ha ha!  Just kidding.


He would be arrested of course.  For domestic violence.


Now there’s some equality for you.


Lots of love,




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  • Ric Delgado

    Buzzfeed posted the video yesterday, and a lot of the comments were (without irony) “that in DV cases where the man is the victim, he probably did something to deserve it.” Then again, I had a Buzzfeed writer flat out tell me she was an unabashed misandrist over Twitter one time.

    • Jim

      Yeah, well, remember some animals are more equal than others.

    • The Real Peterman

      Maybe he had it coming because of what he was wearing.

    • Magnus

      “that in DV cases where the man is the victim, he probably did something to deserve it.”

      Are the Political Correctness Brigade so blind to their own hypocrecy? Do they not see their own bullshit?
      What is it the Defenders of all that is Sacred call this? Oh yeah “VICTIM BLAMING!”

      • Ric Delgado

        There’s also a weird victim jealousy going on too. Like they’re the only ones allowed to be victims, and “how dare men steal that from us.”

  • freetofish

    Recently watched the season finale of Castle. To avoid spoilers, lets just say there is an argument in a bar, and the girlfriend ends the argument by decking the guy with a punch to the face.
    Not just totally accepted behaviour, but a comic relief gag. Accepted that “he had it coming” because of his behavior in losing her money.

    Hard to imagine that it would be so accepted, and that there wouldn’t be some #cancelcastle twitter activism if the show portrayed the same domestic argument and had the guy punch out the woman for comic relief.

  • JShaft

    Oh, but it’s okay to hit men, because Patriarchy, or something like that, right?

    Seriously, fuck this planet.

  • Erik Freeman

    They removed the Youtube channel.

  • Master Beta

    The video has been a victim of copyright infringement notifications.

    • Goober

      There is no reasonable argument that feminists can put out in defense of this. it not only goes against their narrative, it obliterates it entirely.

      They can’t argue it, so they just send DMCA takedown requests until the information is suppressed, and they memory hole it.

      It’s all you can do when your dogma is refuted in such a manner.

      Sort of like Young Earthers that just Deus ex machina away the dinosaurs by saying that the devil put those bones there to tempt us.

      • JShaft

        Heh, another person who came to this side of things via atheism and skepticism eh? Nice to see I’m not alone in that :)

      • Master Beta

        They are only hurting themselves.
        Whenever they use underhanded tactics like this to silence their opposition, it just makes good people turn against them.
        This is why you shouldn’t get uppity about it, they are just shooting themselves in the foot by doing this.

  • Spaniard

    There are millions of violent wives in this country. They beat hubbies hard. Non stop. Hubbies live under terror. Lot of them go next day to work with wounds in their faces. But they are afraid to call the cops because that stupid macho pride.

    • feeriker

      Lot of them go next day to work with wounds in their faces. But they are afraid to call the cops because that stupid macho pride.

      More likely they know how futile or even dangerous it would be to involve the swine. Best case scenario, they would be ignored or ridiculed. Worst case (and infinitely more likely) scenario, they would be further assaulted, arrested, and charged with DB.


    I am sure this is not a coincidence that this video has been deleted. Most likely feminists complain about copyright only when the video displeases them.

    So please, post another one, embed another one. Even keep a downloaded copy for yourself.

  • digitalscream

    I presume this is the video you meant? This one’s viewable…

    • judgybitch


  • Rebecca

    They are laughing at her because patriarchy has caused people to believe that a woman is ineffective fighting against a man. She is the victim here. /irony

  • Alex

    at least they’re consistent, that’s about the only good thing i can think of to say about these things

  • TheSharpeful

    I am completely in shock that the video has 4.5 million views already.

  • Master Beta

    I have to say, that when I see these things, I would like to see one done where the man and women are the same size (not just the same height).

    I suggest you may get the same result if you used a small man and a large man. i.e. People would help if the small man was being assaulted by the large man, but people wouldn’t help if the large man was being assaulted by the small man.

    To be fair, the man in this video isn’t very big for a man, but he’s still a lot bigger than the woman.

  • Beans Mcgrady

    I am lazy, but here is a discussion from across the pond you might like. Be sure to read the comments. A feminist women criticizing feminism. Hillarity ensues.

  • Mariama

    Reminds me of this trash tweet that annoyed me so much yesterday.

    Men can’t be raped right? Ugh.

    Her whole timeline is cringeworthy and I am so tired of feminist on twitter, especially black feminist.

    *btw first time commenting here and i must say i love your posts JB. we’ve talk on twitter time to time but i change my username so often you problem don’t remember lol*


      LOL You missed the point!!! Try selecting the #Stillaman hyperlink! Damn you’re dumb! She’s saying that men who are victims of sexual assault are STILL MEN!!!! She’s saying that the horrible act of being sexual assaulted doesn’t make the victim less of a man!!! Do your research on the #Stillaman movement!

      • Mary

        Lol, thanks I’m dumb. And you missed my point as well. It’s not about the #stillaman movement. I applaud the movement. However, it’s about the fact that she said a man who has been “sexually assaulted”. She doesn’t believe a man can be raped, much less by a women. They can only be sexually assaulted.

        • STILLAMAN

          Using the term “Sexual Assaulted” doesn’t mean a man can’t be raped!!! Rape is a type of sexual assault! There are many types of sexual assaults….rape is included under the umbrella of sexual assault. Hell, most people use the terms rape and sexual assault interchangeably… even through rape is a subset of sexual assault. She means any form of sexual assault! Please educate yourself before you bash!

        • STILLAMAN

          Rape falls under the umbrella of sexual assault…meaning rape is a subset of sexual assault! There are multiple forms of sexual assault!!! She’s correct in using sexually assaulted because it symbolizes men who are victims of all types of sexual assault….including rape!

          • JShaft

            So, use the word rape then. Trust me on this, we get raped. Not just groped, or licked, or brushed up against, we get raped. Everything I ever hear from feminists re: sexual assault of women starts with one descriptor: RAPE, then on down to sexual assault, harassment, etc. So, start there. If I’m ever going to believe someone is trying to acknowledge that men can be raped, as I have been, I wanna hear the word rape.

          • STILLAMAN

            They use it because the women they are speaking of were raped!! Sexual harassment , child molestation, groping, and domestic violence are terms often used as well when the victim experience one of these forms of sexual harassment!! Men and woman BOTH experience SEXUAL ASSAULT IN ALL FORMS!!! Also, you are a feminist as well because a feminist is a person who believes in the equality of the sexes!! You want men to have the same entitlements as woman!!! Making you a feminist!!!


          • JShaft

            Ooooookay… Um, just how is it that here I am, the reasonable rape victim, casually talking about language choices, and you go off super emotional in response and try to baptize me against my will into feminism?

            Certainly one of the more interesting turns of events I’ve seen this week, and it’s been an odd week to be sure…

            Here’s an interesting observation of your reply though: Did you notice you still managed to avoid using “Rape” and “Men” in the same sentence?

            Finally, no, I want ALL PEOPLE to be equal, not just men and women. Children, transgender and intersex persons, you name it. When we finally get AI’s and/or human consciousnesses transferred into computers, possibly with rad anime-mecha bodies, I’ll still be for equal rights for them as well. What I won’t be is a Mecha rights campaigner, because, well… I’d try to explain it to you, but you don’t get it.

            So far, I don’t even consider myself an MRA, so much as an advocate for universal human rights who happens to have found some inequalities relating to men, and I’m working with those who aren’t actively working to ignore, suppress or vilify those who are working towards equality…

            Should this movement end up going whacko like feminism did so early in it’s existence, then I’ll still be here, working against whack-jobs for human rights, dig?

            But seriously, I’ve been raped by self-identified feminists, then had feminist theory explained to me in order to “prove” that it wasn’t rape. So, please, don’t call me that word ever again, K?

          • JShaft

            Also, you do know that multiple exclamation marks (or points, if you’re in the U.s) are described my Terry Pratchett as a sign of an unbalanced mind?

            Oh, and I should point out that your Feminism = Equality paradigm kinda fails. Some things never do what they said on the box, and Feminism has abused my life in more ways that you would ever accept, let alone could imagine. So, believe what you want, but you can live your whole life expecting me to ignore solid evidence, for all the good that’ll do you…

          • STILLAMAN

            You’re cute! Sorry, your lame response won’t work. I categorized you as a feminist just as you categorize “women who don’t use the term rape for men” as feminist! Why do you call them feminist? Oh ok!! Secondly, I said both men and women experience sexual assault in all forms! It’s classic logic and based on your response I see you don’t possess it! If rape is a form of sexual assault and I said that both men and women experience it, then men experience the trauma of rape too!! Yes men can get raped! No ones denying that!!! Clearly you’re misinformed!!! I’m finished with you…bye

          • JShaft

            Wow, it took that long for you to put men and rape in the same sentence…

            There are other, gaping holes in the “logic” you seem comfortable using, but I really can’t be bothered going through it point-by-point, as you’ve already proven yourself immune to it.

            Needless to say, I reject pretty much every assertion you’ve made here as baseless, ridiculous and self-evidently false.

            All I can hope is that this is in no way indicative of the bulk of your public discourse.


          • Erik Freeman

            That video pretty much sums up everything about what I have learned about modern-day Feminism so far. And it seems to get worse every day.

          • Erik Freeman

            And sorry for my bad English, but German’s Patriarchy is responsible for that.

          • judgybitch

            Männer sind Gott

          • Erik Freeman

            Frauen auch

          • Erik Freeman


          • Mary

            Wow, I can’t believe you called me dumb when you make a statement like this. I won’t even bother to entertain. P.S. Lay off the exclamations.