Blowing some guy in front of 80 000 people is NOT having “sex”. It’s degrading, humiliating, SLUTTY behaviour and #slanegirl is finding that out the hard way.

20 Aug


The rough and dirty story:  on August 17th, at an Eminem concert held at Slane Castle in Ireland, in front of a huge crowd of people, a 17 year old girl willingly gave blowjobs to two different guys and was filmed in all her glory.  She is now an impromptu pornstar all over social media.

First up, the age of consent in Ireland is 17, so everyone can fuck right off with all the “child-porn” bullshit.  Attempting to cast some slutty 17 year old chick as the “victim” of child-pornographers really pisses me off wickedly.

There are REAL children being abused and filmed in utterly sickening ways, and all the “who can I blame because I’m a fucking whore” dance accomplishes is to dilute the true horror of what child pornography actually entails.  The link below will take you to a report on the effect exposure to real child pornography has on investigators.  It isn’t pretty.


“Employee was crying uncontrollably after viewing multiple images of child pornography the day he found out his wife was pregnant with their first child.”

“In general, everyone seems to be shocked and disgusted at what they have to view. This usually turns into anger at the suspect.”

You can bet your ass these officers aren’t crying uncontrollably at images of horny teenagers willingly engaging in public sexual activity.

Secondly, this girl is not being shamed for having sexual desire or for having sex.  Willingly blowing some guy she may nor may not have known is NOT having sex.  Oral sex may be a form of sexual activity, but it is NOT having sex.  Sex is something two (or more – whatever turns your crank) people have together.  Having sex is engaging in MUTUALLY pleasurable physical communion.

A culture that hates women for having sex is one that simply hates women.

Oh fuck off. If sex boils down to a dick in a hole, then rape is sex, right?

Bullshit. Whatever this girl was doing, it wasn’t “having sex”.

How fascinating, don’t you think, that most of the media is pixelating or editing out the girl’s image, but has absolutely no problem whatsoever showing the boy’s face? And then heaping abuse on HIM for his shameful crime of letting an eager woman wrap her mouth around his dick. Everyone is up in arms about the #slanegirl hastag and I have yet to hear fucking BOO about #slaneboy.

Sinéad Rose Lavery ‏@rose_sinead 43m

‘Slaneboy’ deserves to be neutered, with no anaesthetic. #slaneboy

E K D ‏@Leeds_Demon 1h

I wonder what #Slaneboy’s Mum hoped he would be when he grew up? A doctor. A plumber? A dentist? Or a disgusting little pervert?

Adam McGinty ‏@DoctorAculaaaa 18 Aug

There’s no point giving #SlaneBoy abuse. He openly flung his cock around at a dogging session. He’s clearly too retarded to know he’s a dick

Loophole ‏@AllTheBadMoves 4m

@langho @LiamGeraldShone I’m pretty sure #slaneboy would be considered a rapist.

What is up with all the reluctance to actually call out what happened?  SlaneGirl degraded herself, humiliated herself, demonstrated zero self-esteem or self-respect and engaged in an utterly mortifying attempt to garner attention from the boys.


Well, she got attention, all right.

Let’s be clear:  there is nothing inherently degrading or humiliating about oral sex.  This whole conversation is NOT about sex.  It’s about a young woman deliberately making herself powerless, behaving in a totally reckless way and doing so in an arena that was absolutely guaranteed to ensure infamy.

She embarrassed and shamed other women by her actions, and it is no surprise that it’s mostly other women calling out #slanegirl.

SlaneGirl has just contributed to a culture in which women are seen as powerless, without agency or responsibility, on their knees in service to men they may or may not even know.  She has not just DILUTED the incredible power of intimate physical connections between men and women- she has DESTROYED it. Turned what should be an act of love and caring into something gross and ugly and foul.

And other women are rightfully furious at her.

Think about the reverse.  Actually, don’t think about it:  here’s an image of the reverse.  Totally, 100% NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

This is every bit as disgusting and degrading and infuriating.  Again, it’s not about sex.  Is that his girlfriend? Does he know her?  Who fucking cares?  Grappling in the dirt outside the toilets in full view of other people is revolting.

The really, really, infuriating thing about the whole SlaneGirl debacle is that she is going to pay and pay and pay for this for a long time.  Because that poor girl bought the lies.  She bought the lie that blowing a couple of guys would make her cool and fun and interesting and empowered and that being a slut is just totally awesome.

Nobody hates SlaneGirl for having or wanting sex.  Bullshit.  They hate SlaneGirl for making sex worthless.  The ability and desire to offer and receive sexual pleasure is one of women’s greatest powers, and always will be.  Women are biologically designed to use sex to bond with another human being.  Sex is inextricably linked with love and affection and caring and closeness.


And not just for women.  For men, too.

SlaneGirl openly trashed one of the most human, loving activities, and in doing so, helped perpetuate the idea that relationships between men and women boil down to  nothing but crass power relations.  And then she put women in the losing position.

What did SlaneGirl get out of that whole horrible day?  Besides two mouthfuls of cum?  What in the name of god did she think she would gain from doing that?  Who made her believe her place in life is on her knees sucking dick in front of an audience?  Who made her hate herself so much? I actually feel sick with sorrow that such a young woman made such a public, awful mistake. I hope she can at least hold on to the knowledge that soon enough, there will be another young woman to replace her in the public imagination.


Another young woman who has bought all the same lies.

Is anyone the slightest bit surprised that SlaneGirl is now trying to turn her own epically stupid sluttiness into sexual assault?  Pass the blame, honey.  You give it a try.

“The teenager has not been medically fit enough to make a formal statement yet, but when that happens this could turn into a sexual assault investigation.”

What are we doing as a culture when young women actually, genuinely believe that blowjobs amount to sex and that their worth can be measured in oral technique?  SlaneBoy doesn’t get a free pass here.  He demonstrated zero respect for SlaneGirl, and he refused the opportunity to be the White Knight and save SlaneGirl from herself.  And isn’t it just hilarious that Jezebel is the one to take SlaneBoy and everyone else to task for not white knighting the Princess?

Wouldn’t it be cool if we lived in a world where people took care of a their fellow humans in compromised states, rather than taking photos of them to post online?

Oh, I see.  Now you WANT men to help you, do you?

But why WOULD he respect SlaneGirl, when she clearly has no respect for herself?  Why SHOULD he be a saviour?  Why should he care, one way or another?


The whole social contract is broken, smashed into smithereens.  I seriously wonder if it can be repaired.  One thing for certain is that the feminist media does not WANT it repaired.  The more girls who sacrifice themselves willingly on the altar of sluthood, the better it is to rework society into a collective where meaningful relationships between men and women become all but impossible.

SlaneGirl should have spent more time listening to Eminem.

But I guess that’s just what sluts do, how could it ever be just us two

I’d never love you enough to trust you, we just met and I just fucked you…

On the one hand, I’m very sorry that SlaneGirl is the unwitting poster girl for why slut culture is actually devastating for women and not the tiniest bit empowering.  But I’m also pleased to see so many women react with fury and push back against the idea that the proper place for them is on their knees.

Fuck you, sluts.  I’m no stranger to spending time on my knees.  For the man I love.

In the privacy of my own home.

Having sex used to be called “making love”.  Because it is. Blowing a line of guys outside the toilets in full view of other people is not having sex.

It’s obliterating it.

And that is why SlaneGirl is being shamed.

Lots of love,


141 Responses to “Blowing some guy in front of 80 000 people is NOT having “sex”. It’s degrading, humiliating, SLUTTY behaviour and #slanegirl is finding that out the hard way.”

  1. Spaniard August 21, 2013 at 11:36 #

    I thought XTC was “demodee” this days.
    I took my first -and last- XTC in London. In 1989.


  2. Spaniard August 21, 2013 at 11:42 #

    Just an Spanish male chauvinist joke:

    “Voy a dale mas libertad a mi mujer: voy a ampliar la cocina”.

    “I am going to give my wife more freedom: I am going to make bigger the kitchen”.

    Another one:

    “En mi casa mando yo. Se hace lo que dice mi mujer, pero mando yo”.

    “In my house I am at command. I always do what my wife tells me to do, but I am at command”.


    • poester99 August 22, 2013 at 17:30 #

      “in” command… lol humor rarely translates well, but this works


  3. Ed August 21, 2013 at 12:23 #

    I recently finished “Sex at Dawn” which is an interesting read, though it tends to go after straw-men. Some of its arguments are based on accounts about encounters between Europeans and various peoples during the colonial era. Some of these include things that would be extremely scandalous to a modern audience, like a 13 year-old girl’s first time being a public act (or young men being required by custom to have sex with whomever would like, and risking death if they refuse).

    The book suggests these accounts argue for an end to traditional western sexual morals, but this incident shows why that is, at best, a terrible idea. A young person having sex in public is probably not as big a deal when “public” means the same hundred or so people they grew up with, who know the young person, care about them, and have a relationship with them. In a sense, it is private even though it’s public.

    On the other hand, when “public” refers to more people than it is possible to know, something being “public” means that it’s “out there” for people who have no connection to the people actually involved in the original act. This necessarily leads to objectification if it’s discussed in the public sphere, and not just sexual objectification, but any interaction about the act by someone who do not know the people involved as people will be objectifying, even if they’re arguing that other people should respect the persons involved. It’s turning people into political punching bags, like the Terri Schiavo case from a while back.

    The meaning of “public” in a tribe and in civilization is very different. Which shouldn’t be surprising when the difference in context is the difference between tribal culture vs. civilization. The existence of “private” spaces and “public” spaces allows for people to exist in civilization, ie, with more people than it is possible to even Maybe have a personal relationship. The private allows us to interact with each other on a personal level (and get those needs met) while public spaces (and customs and morals that accompany public spaces) allow us to interact with people who we don’t personally know safely.

    Which is where trust comes in. It is possible for something that would be safe (emotionally, physically, etc.) in a private space, but would not be safe in a public space, to be brought from the private into the public. When something is shared in a private space, you are trusting the other people in that space to not bring it into a public space in a way that would be harmful. To the extent that sex is dangerous to an individual when brought into a public space (which this incident seems to show is the case) sex will be fundamentally linked to trust. Implying that sex is not related to trust, and therefore compassion and love, is wishful thinking at best and an outright lie at worst.

    And of course this affects relationships. If a young woman thinks that in order to be “cool” she has to seem like or be a slut, even if she’s not or would not like to be one, it’s going to make it harder for the young men she’s in a relationship with to trust her. And then if the young man doesn’t trust the young woman he won’t communicate as openly (which would almost certainly make it more difficult for the woman to be forthright). And if communication isn’t as there you have a shitty relationship in which people feel like they need to manipulate their partner(s) in order to get what they desire instead of just being able to talk honestly. Something that could have been a fulfilling relationship becomes a power struggle.

    Which of course, explains why people would want or even believe they Need the power of the state backing them in any relationship.


    • Ed August 21, 2013 at 12:27 #

      *allow us to safely interact with people who we don’t personally know.


    • Spaniard August 21, 2013 at 14:39 #

      I do not trust prudish women.
      I think sluts are not faithfull, but reliable women.


  4. Sir_Chancealot August 21, 2013 at 16:51 #

    It’s like some of you people have never actually been in a long term relationship or marriage before.

    OMG! Women trading sex for favors? When did THIS start happening? (My personal guess is about 10 minutes after Adam’s stitches healed up.)

    Listen up boys and girls. There’s a HUGE difference between “No sex for you until you do the dishes” and “Hey honey, I’ll give you a quickie if you do the dishes for me”.

    Let’s reverse the sexes.

    “Unless you do my laundry, you will not get ANY non-sexual affection from me”, versus “If you do my laundry today, I’ll give you a nice, long back rub without expecting sex”.

    See the difference? If you can’t, you are either infantile, or you have never been in a long term relationship/marriage.

    Ask around, people. If a woman doesn’t use sex as a means of control, but use sex as a means of “bribery” to get something right away, there’s not a sane, healthy, MASCULINE guy in the world who would object to that. He might say “No”, but he certainly won’t OBJECT to it. Hell, if she does it right, a wife bribing her husband with sex is kinda hot.

    If this girl is in a psych ward, it’s because her hamster was SHATTERED. She can’t claim plausible deniability. Everyone in the whole world saw her being a slut, LIKING IT, and not being able to deny it. THAT’S what caused her to snap. Not drugs.

    Much like Monica Lewinsky, no guy in the world is going to see her as anything but a cum dumpster now. That’s truly sad, but those are the consequences of her actions. There will be NO self respecting man (i.e., alphas or betas) that are going to be with that chick, so now she relegates herself to the bottom rung of men because of her actions. Again, that is sad, but those are the consequences

    Judge her? Nah, I’m not going to judge her. She can come over and blow me any time. I’m just sure as fuck not going to date or kiss her. Haha!


  5. Sterling August 22, 2013 at 15:28 #

    Love. This. Post.


  6. Black Label August 22, 2013 at 16:14 #

    Just FYI:
    the age of consent has nothing to do with the definition of child pornography, not even in the US:

    The age of majority is what you’re looking for – and it’s 18 in Ireland.

    We can talk about if that’s making sense in this case, but by legal definition, it’s still clearly child porn.


  7. wtfwtf13 August 23, 2013 at 10:20 #

    They hate SlaneGirl for making sex worthless.

    ABSOLUTELY ! No wonder! even fucking an inanimate object is considered some kind of a ‘liberating’ experience.


  8. Celes August 27, 2013 at 05:21 #

    Have you seen this yet? D:
    I’d love to see you do an article on that, man I was -this- close to throwing up hahaa.. especially the part at 4:04 wtf.. As if Blurred Lines wasn’t bad enough already. Well at least I guess this time it’s more like the girl is harrassing the guy.


  9. Erik Norén November 21, 2013 at 22:47 #

    So oral sex isn’t sex unless it’s a 69?

    I’d agree that she wasn’t “making love but in my opinion she was having sex.


  10. Ark Itekton September 29, 2014 at 21:33 #

    “Listen up boys and girls. There’s a HUGE difference between “No sex for you until you do the dishes” and “Hey honey, I’ll give you a quickie if you do the dishes for me”.

    Ask around, people. If a woman doesn’t use sex as a means of control, but use sex as a means of “bribery” to get something right away, there’s not a sane, healthy, MASCULINE guy in the world who would object to that. He might say “No”, but he certainly won’t OBJECT to it. Hell, if she does it right, a wife bribing her husband with sex is kinda hot.”
    Pathetic. Your version of masculinity is weirdly effeminate, too.


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